Throughout Quebec, we are united in our commitment to respect and promote human rights.

Our approach

We facilitate the transition of power

We refuse to once again give power back to "representatives" who will continue to betray the people. These “representatives” are a fraud: “representation is a sham”. We have seen this for decades.

Unity is Strenght is open to everyone regardless of education, social status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or background. Each person has qualities, has their own life experience and harbors very specific strengths.

We aims to pool our strengths in order to improve our living conditions and assert our rights and aspirations.

Unity is Strenght pays special attention to the well-being of our children and resolutely wants to offer them a more humane future.

— Our mission

We are going to make sure that things really change for the good of everyone, and above all to leave a better world for our children. This is why our mission is to give power back to the people through a participatory and non-representative democracy.

— Our vision

It is no longer possible to change anything in this system, which is why we are going to rebuild anew with a participatory and unrepresentative democracy. We believe that people can accomplish great things very quickly and easily, when the need arises.

— Our history

Our political movement, transformed into a political party to be able to access the electoral system, was born of a need felt by a large part of the population since 2020.

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